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Scholarship Links

Special thanks to Krista McNutt for her efforts to provide information on scholarships

University of Guelph

Dalhousie University Scholarships

Dalhousie University Prospective Students (go to First Nations Link)

Mount Saint Vincent Scholarships

Mi'kmaw Kina'matnewey:Educational organization for the Micmacs of Nova Scotia, with links to Micmac schools.

FAAY Scholarship

National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation

Aboriginal Veterans Scholarship Trust

ACNANS Scholarship (NS Nurses Association)

Nova Scotia Talent Trust

Nova Scotia Community College Scholarship

Nova Scotia Power Scholarships

Scholarship programs from the Gov't of Nova Scotia

NS Dept. of Energy Scholarships

NS Agriculture Scholarships

PAANS Scholarships

CPA NS Scholarships

Sports Nova Scotia Scholarships

NSCAD University Scholarships

College of Registered Nurses of NS

NS Teacher's Association Scholarship

Memorial University Scholarships

Government of NL Scholarships

ENL of Newfoundland Scholarships

Crown Scholarships

School Milk Scholarships (NL)

Memorial U Student's Union Scholarship

Dal U Computer Science Scholarship

Hockey NL Scholarships

Johnson Inc Scholarships

NL Soccer Association Scholarships

NL Law Foundation

Faculty of Engineering MUN Scholarship

NUPGE Scholarships

U of Ottawa Financial Aid

Faculty of Medicine, Memorial U Scholarships

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