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Non-Profit Organization

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Chebucto Community Net
Our History:

In the summer of 1993, several individuals began meeting at the Halifax Library with the intent to form a community network in the area. The idea was to provide free access to the Internet, promote freedom of ideas and communication on the Internet and encourage individuals and community groups to use the Internet as a vehicle for personal and community development. Early in the fall of 1993, the project divided, one project being the on-going creation of Community Net organizing committees throughout the province of Nova Scotia, the other focusing on the creation of a prototype serving the local calling area in the HRM.

Originally called the Chebucto FreeNet, and operating on a Sparc 2 generously loaned by Dalhousie University, Chebucto began operating as a text-based host in late October 1993. The name "Chebucto" comes from the Mi'kmaq word meaning "Chief Harbour".

Eastern Canada's oldest running independent Internet Service Provider, on June 16, 1994, our name was changed to Chebucto Community Net (CCN), which better reflects our focus.

On June 7, 2013 we completed the first phase of our Manors Project, a bold plan to provide highspeed wireless Internet access to public-run low-income seniors housing. Joseph Howe Manor and H.P. MacKeen Manor became the first examples of non-profit home highspeed Internet access in Eastern Canada and the first multi-dwelling residences in the Maritimes with full ubiquitous wifi access. We are presently seeking support to bring this unique access to more Metro-area Manors.

In addition to our wireless service, we provide affordable 56K dialup Internet access. Chebucto Community Net also supports a basic text-based terminal access to the Internet available for no charge at all so virtually all people with computers able to dial a phone can have email and internet access, even those with old no longer supported computers. Chebucto Community Net provides a home for the websites of dozens of community groups, information resources, neighbourhood organizations and small businesses. A wealth of communication tools are provided at low cost with fees for smaller non-profit groups waived completely. Community groups with no paid staff and an annual budget of less than $1000 can have hosting and email for no charge. Chebucto Community Net is an Associate (non-voting) Member of ACORN-NS, the Atlantic Canada Organization of Research Networks - Nova Scotia.